Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Zits? They’ve Got Nothing On You!


The good news, or dare we say the amazing news, is that you’ll be exchanging vows of promise with the man of your dreams in less than 48 hours. The bad news? You’ve just checked your reflection in the mirror to find the Grand Poobah of all pimples smugly setting up camp on your chin. It’s almost as if they have a mind of their own, the nasty little beasts, always attacking at the worst possible moments. While you may utter a few choice words aimed directly at your angry new intruder, don’t panic. I’ve got you covered, so that your face won’t need to be. Models and celebrities alike have plenty of ammunition stored up for combatting these oily adversaries and they’re more than willing to share some with you. Here are some hot home remedies used by Hollywood’s glam squad to add to your own arsenal. So roll up your sleeves, and charge in with a victorious battle cry. You’re not above fighting dirty to win this war!

icecube2Ice Ice, baby: Ice is often used as a quick remedy to get rid of a pimple overnight due to its ability to greatly reduce swelling. Just wrap an ice cube, or crushed ice, in a piece of cloth and apply to the swollen pimple for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this process a few times over a 12 hour period to freeze the pores and help remove dirt and oil easily.  If you need to get rid of an angry red blemish fast, then ice will surely give the best results, and you’ll be ready to make your man melt again in no time.

visineVisine gets the red out: This applies to more than just your eyes. Visine offers vasoconstriction properties that reduce redness and irritation, allowing it to work on pimples as well. Simply soak a cotton swab in Visine and hold it onto the affected area for 5 minutes. Once you take the swab off, voila! The redness should be greatly reduced and disappear completely within a few hours, allowing you to hold your lovely head high and face your special day as smooth and radiant as ever.

images (1)Vitamin E-e-easy: Perhaps you’ve already come at the little intruder with the jaws of doom, squeezing for all it’s worth until you heard a tiny cry of mercy issue forth by the time you were finally finished. Well not to worry, the damage here isn’t irreversible thanks to Vitamin E oil, which is good for your skin because it fades pimple marks and scars. You can purchase the oil over the counter in any drugstore, and if the oil is not available, Vitamin E gel capsules serve the same purpose. Pop one of the capsules with a sterilized pin and squeeze out some of the oil, applying it directly onto the blemish. This is best done at night before bed, and in the morning, your face should look angelic once more.

nutmeg-new-netherland-3Nutmeg; for the nog and the noggin: Nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce swelling, redness, and irritation, as well as improve skin tone. To best use nutmeg as an acne treatment, purchase it fresh and grind it into a powder by rubbing it on the surface of a handheld grater.  Next, add a tablespoon of the grated nutmeg to a small amount of either milk or rose water, and mix until you achieve the consistency of a fine paste. Apply the paste directly onto the affected area, and if you desire, you can apply the rest of the paste as a mask to promote healthy, glowing skin. After 20-30 minutes, rinse your face in cold water and pat dry with a clean towel. Then before you can say, “what zit?” you’ll be fabulously flawless once again.

honeyWhat’s new with you, honey?: Honey has antibacterial properties for reducing acne, as well as enzymes that will help to rejuvenate your skin, making it look younger and softer.  You can apply the honey directly to your face, careful to avoid the eye area, and allow it to dry for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. If you can’t seem to get past the stickiness of slathering raw honey onto your skin, you can add a tablespoon of the syrupy stuff to the nutmeg paste mentioned above to create an acne fighting super-mask. To get the best results from using honey as an acne remedy, go with an organic selection, and you’ll be looking sweet again in no time.

aloeveraleafHello, Aloe. Goodbye, zits: Mankind has known of the healing benefits of the aloe vera plant for centuries. It’s not only a widely popular and soothing way to treat painful sunburn, but because of its ability to greatly reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness, aloe vera makes quick work of fresh pimples. Furthermore, if you use it every day, it will help to prevent new outbreaks. For the most effective usage, simply cut the aloe vera leaf in half and rub the sticky watery part onto the problem area. You can also mix a tablespoon of aloe vera pulp with a tablespoon of honey to create a zit-zapping magic mask. Leave the mixture on your face for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water and a washcloth, and you’ll look and feel marvelous, darling.

imagesStrawberry skin for the win:  Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid, which is the same stuff found in over-the-counter facial cleansers. There are several different ways to utilize the acne fighting properties of strawberries, but here’s a mouth-watering idea that you can really sink your teeth into. Start by mixing one half cup of fresh strawberries and one tablespoon of organic sour cream or yogurt, and blend them together well. After you have achieved the right consistency to form a functional mask, apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. As another option, you can also place strawberry leaves directly onto the affected area for the same amount of time. The alkalinity in the leaves helps to reduce swelling, leaving you looking luscious.

081020093500-largeGet real with the peel: At the risk of turning your face into a fruit salad, oranges are another fab find that have effective medicinal properties used in fighting the battle against pimples. Orange peels are mildly acidic in nature and help to cleanse the skin of excess sebum, the oily substance that can cause acne created by the sebaceous glands. Dry a few pieces of orange peel and grind them into a coarse powder, and then create a paste mixing the powder with water. Apply the paste directly onto the pimple, and wash it off with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes. Your pimple should become less visible or disappear overnight. Orange you feeling better already?

Consider yourself now armed and ready to face your patchy opponent without fear. If you decide to utilize any of the helpful tips that I’ve provided you with today, please do so with caution. If further inflammation, rash, or any other type of skin irritation occurs, you may be having an allergic reaction and should stop use immediately and consult your doctor. These are only a handful of helpful home remedies; there are many other great tips to be found online. Whatever you decide to try, though, even if it’s an over-the-counter cleansing agent designed specifically to combat problem skin, I wish you the greatest success in winning the war against acne. I love to see every woman shine like the star that she is!


To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?


The body ink movement certainly didn’t start with Kat Von D, and it likely won’t end with her great, great grandchildren, either. Tattoos have been an integral part of society and certain tribal traditions since man first learned the efficiency of tool use. They can carry great significance, such as those done during religious and cultural ceremonies, or those designed to carry on the memory of a lost loved one. They might be created to commemorate a special event or saying that holds important meaning to the bearer, or they may just simply be for fun and decoration, with no real significance other than the fact that you like daisies. Whatever the reason for the artistic expression, many women have them, and many women love them. They do pose quite a conundrum when it comes to the exchanging of vows, however. Is it tacky, or is it tasteful to put our permanent freedom of expression on display for our happy day?                 

 The Cover Up


Might as well face it. Each and every one of us has had those moments in life when we acted on impulse without thoroughly thinking through the consequences until it was too late. Remember when you were 17 and you let your best friend’s older brother use you as a guinea pig out in the garage with that tattoo gun he purchased from some shady back alley dealer? Well of course you remember. You still have the remains of what was supposed to be a tiger but came out looking something like a cross between a dung beetle and a melting cupcake emblazoned on your right bicep. A lot of good your teenage crush did you. Or maybe you went through a tough girl phase a few years back, and you’re now regretting the cigar smoking biker boss leering at the world and giving a one finger salute from your upper back. If your desire is to keep your bridal look a bit more tame and classy, these are just a couple of instances where tampering with the evidence while wearing your white gown may not be a crime. After all, you won’t get a redo on the ‘I do’.

There’s also another great reason to make the sacrifice of not showing off your skin scenery when you walk the white carpet. Take a moment and picture your dear sweet Nana. She’s a traditionalist to the very core, and the thought of desecrating one’s body with permanent pictures launches her into fits of infinite proportions, complete with bulging forehead veins. You adore her, nonetheless, and you want to see your family just as happy on your special day as you will be. Grams still doesn’t know of the bout of artistic whimsy that you had during your trip to Vegas last year that’s forever immortalized on your left shoulder, and with any luck, she never will. Out of respect for the dear old lady, hiding the inky object of her angst so that she doesn’t suffer a fatal heart attack while you and your sweetie are uttering love affirmations might be an idea worth considering.

If you do chose to cover up your body art for your big day, I always recommend that you visit a professional that’s skilled in the art of makeup and tattoo coverage for the best result. Most quality makeup artists should be able to accommodate your mark masking requests. If hiring a professional just isn’t within your budget, though, there are many tattoo cover up kits that can either be purchased online or at your favorite cosmetics counter. One such ink-erasing product line comes highly recommend from Dermablend, and can be purchased online at, or in stores where Dermablend products are sold. Some bridal boutiques, such as David’s Bridal, also carry their own cover-up kits. Just make sure that you do your research and read reviews before selecting a group of tattoo covering products that’s right for you, and discover the ways to cover.

The Exposure


You really did your homework when you decided to display a bit of body art. You found a top rate tattoo artist, and you paid a pretty penny to make sure that your ornate symbolic expression looked first class the first time. If your beauty branding is a genuine masterpiece, full of color and optical appeal, or if it just holds a special place in your heart and has great meaning to you, then by all means, we encourage you to let it shine on for the world to see. It would be a shame to hide away such fanciful flair from your friends and loved ones. If it’s tasteful, don’t be wasteful!

Another great reason to simply leave it alone is that it covers too large an area to comfortably conceal. Many women sport full sleeve scenery, or even a panoramic display that covers the entire back or chest. Since most tattoo taming techniques are foundation based, the larger the area is that you have to apply makeup to, the greater the risk that some of it will rub off on clothing and ruin your beautiful bridal ensemble, or even the outfit of someone that you should happen to rub up against. In this case, size does matter!

If you’re possibly considering getting some fresh ink for your fresh start as man and wife, then consider one of these popular bridal tattoo trends that are currently sweeping the nation:


Maybe Beyoncé should have sang, “If you like it then you shoulda inked a ring on it”. At any rate, many couples are breaking out of the tired old tradition of the metal band to go with a more modern and permanent declaration of love. The tattooed wedding band is a trend that seems to be taking the bridal world by storm, one detailed digit at a time. The best thing about this permanent promise of passion is that you will never have to worry about losing it. Another great thing is that choices and variety are endless, so you can create a design of any shape or color that compliments and holds a measure of significance for you and your sweetheart.  The down side is that well, it is of course, permanent. Should you ever decide that you just aren’t comfortable with your ever-present reminder of romance anymore, it’s not something that you can just slide off of your finger. Also, if you happen to have a job where body ink and piercings are frowned upon, it might not be the best idea to have your skin art in such a visible place.


Another popular and far less permanent tattoo craze is Mehandi, also known as Henna, which is a temporary form of skin decoration that first originated in India and several of the surrounding countries.  What was first established as a Hindu wedding tradition, Henna is to be applied 1-3 days before the ceremony to allow it time to stain the skin, and the groom’s initials are hidden somewhere within the pattern. On the wedding night, the groom must search for his initials, and if he is unable to find them, he must present his new bride with a gift. The ultimate game of hide and seek, henna body art has been used for generations as a way to inspire intimacy among arranged marriage couples that had likely never met until their wedding day. Now, due to the beauty and artistic nature of the Henna tattoo, it has managed to gain huge popularity across the globe. Many professional makeup artists are skilled in the art of Henna tattooing, and would be more than willing to complete your bridal look with this elaborate enhancement. Henna seems to be drawing quite a crowd, so draw it on if you dare!

Whether or not you decide to mask it or magnify it, your tattoo is a part of you, and how you choose to wear it on your special day is ultimately your own decision. You can choose to hide it out of respect for someone’s wishes and feelings if it’s your desire to do so, but it’s still your choice, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to bow down to someone else’s idea of style and class. This is your time in the spotlight. There’s only one person that you should worry about wowing when you walk that white carpet, and he’s already accepted you for who you are, ink and all.

Your Gown and You: What Your Choice In Fabric Has to Say


Silk and Satin, Ruffles and Lace, Tulle and Tiaras. There’s something about a bridal boutique that brings out the inner princess in even the most conservative of women. Our eyes light up with wonder as we scan the scene laid out before us, swooning at the sea of sparkle and shine, silhouette and style. Like little girls sneaking into our mother’s closet and secretly trying on her fanciest finery, we could twirl and smile in front of the mirror for hours, getting lost in the glitz, glamour, and promise of our special day in the spotlight. Eventually, though, a decision will have to be made, and as you make that choice, keep in mind that each dress, each artistic creation carefully crafted from a palette of fabulous fabric flair, has a personality and style all its own. Here’s what some of the most popular fabric selections have to say about the lovely ladies that choose them.

Charmeuse: You resemble a steady breeze in a world of gale force winds. Loving, kind, and giving, people tend to adore you from the very first meeting, yet you still manage to exude a confidence that let’s others know that you are a force to be reckoned with. You’re a hopeless romantic that’s been known to indulge in a daydream or two, but when it comes to life and love, you still manage to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Wonderful at giving friendly advice because you’re very straight forward, you’re capable of telling it like it is and making people understand, yet you do it in a kind and gentle way that spares feelings and opens eyes. Gifted with a natural instinct for discernment, you are able to see people for who they truly are right from the start. You have a style all your own, and darling, you’re YOU-tiful!

Chiffon: You have an adorably soft and gentle nature, complete with dimples and giggles. Your groom is intrigued by your sugary aroma of sweetness, and feels the need to shelter and protect you as if you were a delicate flower, but you aren’t nearly as breakable he thinks you to be. Always full of surprises, those that may expect the purr of a kitten when they scratch at your delicate surface may instead be met with the roar of a lioness. You’re definitely capable of independence, but you adore being loved, cherished, and pampered. Charming and charismatic, just a smile from you is capable of brightening someone’s day, and your radiance resonates in each lovely step that you take. Putting a song to the tune of your graceful femininity, we would sing these words: ‘She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful’.

Cotton: You are confident, earthy, and playful, with a love of spending time outdoors, communing with nature and soaking in the warmth of the sun. Seeing the hidden beauty in the world around you, from the smallest creature to the tallest tree, you treat every encounter with the unexplored as a grand adventure. Free spirited, you smile in the face of adversity and shrug off attempts by others to hold you back, never taking ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams. You have an edgy exuberance that sparks a fire of liveliness within your circle of friends and loved ones. Chic and trendy, your natural beauty requires no embellishment; you’re capable of shining like the star that you are all on your own. Like a wildflower, you sprout up strong and beautiful between the cracks in the sidewalk of life.

Lace: You are shy and reserved, but definitely in touch with your romantic side. In love with the very idea of love, you hold every moment dear, from the butterflies in the stomach at the first hello to the thought of side by side rocking chairs on the front porch after the children have grown. You’d prefer a quiet night at home with your sweetheart, as opposed to a night on the town, putting together a candle-lit dinner followed by a cuddle on the sofa. Finding pleasure in quiet time, you love to curl up with a good book, often opting for a romance or mystery novel. You have an artistic flair and an eye for detail, and are able to see beauty where others often don’t. Reveling in the simpler things in life, loud and flashy will never be your style. Natural, lovely, sweet; you’re a precious package wrapped in wonder, tied with a ribbon of femininity.

Organza: Your strength and determination are qualities that drew your groom in from the very first eye contact. A Lone wolf? No, that will never apply to you. You are the alpha female, and your pack of lifelong friends look to you for support and help in times of hardship. You possess a heart of gold, and you never miss an opportunity to help even a stranger in need. Loyal to the very end, you stand by your word and keep your commitments even if others let you down. You’re an over-achiever by definition, and you set your sights high, but maintaining your goals comes easily to you because of your natural drive and independence. Productive and talented, every new day holds promise for you, and you seize each one and use it to its fullest potential. It’s been said, after all, that you can’t keep a good woman down!

Rayon: You have a down home, girl next door quality that most men find attractive. Those that know you will often describe you as vibrant, playful, and cute. Sweetly shy in new situations, you are able to overcome that shyness and let your inner bubbly, chatty persona flow like a champagne waterfall once you’ve gotten the chance to know someone on a personal level. You’re deeply intimate and loving in your relationship, and disloyalty and infidelity are two words that will never cross your mind let alone enter your vocabulary. Generous, helpful, and giving, your ability to feel empathy toward others that are struggling and hurting makes you a true friend that will always be there as a shoulder to lean on and a heart to confide in. Love personified, your humbly beautiful spirit will touch the hearts of many over the course of your lifetime.

Satin: You’re no stranger to receiving attention. Having spent time in the spotlight, you live to sparkle and shine, inside and out. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies; you adore them all, and aren’t afraid of a little flash and pop. Edgy and chic, you’re able to recognize quality in fashion when you see it, and your friends often come to you for beauty tips and style advice. You’ve been known to indulge in your fair share of pampering. Manicures, pedicures, facials; you’ve done it all, and your groom cherishes your desire to show off your femininity and keep yourself looking your best. You exude strength and confidence, but at the same time there’s a softness and kindness to you that makes you easy to love. A perfect mixture of tough and tender, you are woman and tigress all in one glorious package!

Shantung: You put on your best, strictly business face while dealing with difficult situations, but that tough exterior still can’t mask the feminine beauty that’s inside. Your strength and determination leave you envied by those around you, but jealousy and animosity are rarely part of the equation. Possessing a unique style all your own, there’s a curiosity about you that drew your groom in, but always keeps him guessing at what your next move will be. Undeterred by those that try to place limits on you, you face situations head on and emerge victorious every time. You know the game, and how to play it, so you’re capable of convincing others that you’re completely together, even when you’ve yet to have the puzzle fully solved in your mind. Polished, perfected, and glamorous, you’re a diamond set in 24 karat amazing.

Silk:  You bring a touch of elegance and class to everything you do. The very definition of a woman, there’s a deeply sensual side to you that leaves your man breathless with every encounter. Capable of maintaining your focus and composure in any situation, you’re able to stand strong even when those around you seem to crumble. You set substantial goals for yourself, and always work hard to achieve them. Having a love for the finer things in life, you enjoy being taken out for a night out on the town, including exotic cuisine, dancing and cocktails. Trying new things is exciting to you, and you have little fear of change or the unknown. Possessing a passion for travel, the world is your oyster. Rome, Paris, London, even the Orient; you strive to one day see it all with your love by your side.

Taffeta: You have a head for business, and are very detailed and well organized. Always able to see things for what they are, there’s no pulling the wool over your eyes. Your down-to-earth wisdom exceeds your years, and friends come to you often for advice. Striving to make your home a warm and inviting place, you always let in the light, and your friends and family are always welcome. Your culinary skills are first class, and you love for others to sample your amazing delicacies and confections. Loving, giving, and nurturing, you have strong maternal instincts, and children are naturally drawn to you and adore you. Always able to be counted on when a friend or loved one is in need, your reliability and warm, generous nature is cherished by many, especially your groom. You are a lady through and through, and yes, he knows it.

Tulle: You certainly aren’t shy, and your child-like playfulness and carefree nature drew your groom in like a moth to a flame. There’s never a dull moment when you’re at the party! You love to have fun and live life to the fullest, never turning down a chance at adventure. Known to pull a prank or two when the opportunity arises, you’re known as a classic jokester, and your sense of humor makes you endearing to your friends and loved ones. Always on the go, you tend to keep yourself busy with every opportunity that arises in an effort to stave off boredom. You always speak your mind, yet your beloved and your many friends adore your honesty and wouldn’t dream of having you any other way. Vibrant, lively, funny, maybe even a little crazy at times, you’re a flame that will never burn out, even as the waters of time flow around you.

As women, we all love to feel beautiful, no matter what circles in life we travel in. Each and every one of us is uniquely gorgeous in our own special way, and our wedding gown is a reflection of who we are and the beauty we portray, inside and out. For some of us, making that choice is easy, and we know what type of gown we have our sights set on before we even walk through the door. Others of us just fall in love with everything, and making a decision then becomes a long and arduous journey. No matter how many dresses you try on, though, or how many boutiques you visit before finally settling on a gown that best suits you, there is something to be said about the choice you make. I send you off today with my warmest wishes and best of luck in sparking that love connection between you and your dream gown, and just as the incredible catch that you’ll be exchanging “I do’s” with while wearing your final selection, you’ll know when you’ve finally found “The One”.

Unleashing Your Bedroom Tigress After a Donkey Day


Look at you, Lady Fierce. You’ve already determined that once the ‘I Do’ dust settles, you will NEVER become a cliché. You’re an intelligent, strong woman with focus, goals, dreams and special talents, and you will not be branded by some silly marriage stereotype!  (You can insert a mental roar at this point. You’re a Tigress, after all!) Yes, you’ve heard that tired old line, ‘Once the vows are exchanged, the sex stops’, but you meet that statement with a resounding yawn.  That will never apply to your marriage!

Then reality hits you like a charging elephant. You have to be in two places at once first thing in the morning, have those reports on the boss’s desk by lunch, meet with a client to go over a proposal, spend all afternoon in a board meeting that drags on, and battle an hour’s worth of traffic to make it the 6 miles home from work. You drag your exhausted carcass over the threshold, and there he is to greet you, your heart made flesh and bone.  You’re met with a lengthy kiss, playful squeeze on the bottom, and amorous look from your beloved, while your mind was focused on a hot shower, ordering in, and curling up with a good book.

It happens to the best of us. We don our Superwoman capes only to trade them in on a pair of comfy sweatpants before we even realize that a deal has been struck. Not to worry, though. There are ways to combat the fatigue of routine that’s so easy to fall into, and give your man what he’s longing for: a hearty helping of YOU. Here are 5 great ways to shake off the dust of the day, get your head back in the bedroom game, and leave your man-prey not knowing what hit him, but glad it did.

1. Focus on His Finer Points.

Just look at him. No, REALLY look. There’s something about this man that left you swooning at the first hello. His strong, muscular jaw line, piercing eyes, full lips that break easily into a smile that can chase away the darkest clouds, or dare I say even the way his back side looks in a nice pair of Wranglers. Whatever it was that first made your heart go pity-pat, it’s still there, and girl, it’s all yours and ripe for the taking. Whether you gaze longingly into those glorious eyes, caress or place sensual kisses along that strong jawline, or nip at those luscious lips, taking a moment to sample the delicious masculine delicacies that your man has to offer is a quick and effective way to add fuel to your inner flame. Pick some of your favorite parts and let your hands and lips roam, and before you know it, your mind will be on the same page.

2. Tap Into a Memory.

Remember the butterflies in your stomach when your lips connected for that first steamy kiss, and your heart beat so fast you were sure it would burst right out of your chest? How about the sweet romantic gesture he made to let you know his interest was more than just a passing fancy, or that warm fuzzy feeling of overwhelming love that flooded your heart when you accepted his sweet offer to become his bride? Those memories are endearing to you, and they remind you of the many reasons why you love this amazing man. When you take a moment to reconnect with some of those favorite instances that tug at your heart strings, pulling those strings can also create the spark needed to ignite the engine of your desire. Feel free to feed your sexual appetite with a rich reflection. Passion fruit is always in season. Select a juicy memory, and take a delicious bite.

3. Fall Under the Spell.

Many women are naturally attracted to a good love story. There’s something about a boy meets girl, boy does whatever it takes to get girl, and boy promises to love and cherish girl until the end of time tale that makes our swooning hearts skip a beat. Then there’s the best part of the story; the lustful kisses shared, the steamy sex scenes, the fervid press of skin on skin. We want it all, and we become determined to tap into that same unbridled intensity in our own relationship. Making time to watch a romantic ‘chick flick’ can ignite our desire for intimacy, and if you can get your man on board with watching with you, it’s a great way to connect emotionally. Rereading a spicy bedroom scene in one of your favorite novels is also a great way to achieve the same effect. If you’re feeling daring, read the scene aloud to your man and get him on the same sexy page. Answer the casting call of your own desires and get lost in a seductive character.  You’ll soon be starring in a naughty role of your own!

4. Sexy Up.

While it may be extremely comfortable to lay around in our granny panties and ratty t-shirt after an exhausting day, it doesn’t exactly convey that ‘take me, tiger’ message that your man is longing to receive. Relaxation, like many things, has it’s time and place, and it’s often way too easy to trade sexiness for sloppy comfort. By not taking a little time to show at least some degree of interest in our appearance, however, we can often start to feel unattractive and unconfident in ourselves, which can affect the way we view the thought of erotic play. Going through a complete hair styling, facial, manicure, and waxing regimen after you’ve put in a long day isn’t necessary, but taking the time to freshen up, slip into something silky or lacy, and touch up your makeup can do wonders for your confidence level,  which can then create a desire for passion. Take a moment to spice yourself up, and get down to some hot bedroom business.

 5. Voice Your Desires. 

         Most of us come equipped with an on switch whether our men realize it or not. For some women, it may be as simple as a gentle kiss on the forehead that sends them into a fiery frenzy. For others, it may take heavy petting, or sensual stroking over some of the most sensitive areas in just the right way to leave them breathlessly wanting more. Whether it’s a nibble on an ear, string of kisses down the neck, or fingers run slowly down the length of your back that happens to drive you from zero to wild in 1.2 seconds, don’t hesitate to let your man know just what buttons to push to turn up the heat. Passion is a game of give and take, and if he wants his next move to prove tantalizingly triumphant, he’ll be completely willing to do more than just roll the dice on your desire. Just point him in the right direction, and when he arrives, you’ll find that your interest in some provocative playtime will have tagged along for the ride.

There’s nothing wrong with being exhausted from time to time. You work hard, and no one can be constantly on the go without eventually feeling the sting of fatigue. Just don’t allow an occasional night of weariness to replace the natural order of your relationship. Yes, we’ve all heard the age old line, ‘men have needs, too’, but it does us good to remember those words. Meeting those needs is what keeps our sweethearts lustfully longing for the ecstasy of what we have to offer, and coming back for more. Stay in tune with his desires, and he’ll have compassion for those times when you just need to rest. A good sex life is about meeting each other’s needs, and when you’re devoting enough intimate time to him, you’ll find that it can only make your relationship stronger. You take on the world and win day after day, so this crazy little thing called love? Consider it mastered. You are vixen. You are tigress. You are woman, hear you roar.

DIY: Achieving Garter Greatness


Ah, the garter; an accessory that doesn’t get much time in the spotlight, but still an essential addition to the overall bridal ensemble. A girl is only as good as her garter, isn’t that what they say? Okay, well maybe that’s a “stretch”, but after following this simple tutorial, you might just stretch the classy garter standard. With lace, ribbon, and accents of any color, you can easily create a garter all your own that defines your style and personality. Here I’ve created a playfully chic and edgy garter that’s sure to get an ‘Oooo’ at the grand unveiling.


Items needed:


❂A roll of edging lace in any color you prefer – (I got lucky and scored 3 rolls in black, white, and cream for a dollar apiece at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts!)

❂A roll of lace or silk ribbon that’s at least in inch thinner than your lace edging

❂Thread in colors that match your lace and ribbon choices

❂A spool of thick elastic thread

❂Small silk flowers, bows, or any other decorative accent pieces you prefer

❂Sewing Needles


The Creating Process:

Start by wrapping the lace edging around your bare thigh as high up as you intend to wear your garter, or you can use a piece of yarn or seamstress measuring tape. Once you’ve wrapped the lace or other measuring instrument around your thigh, continue to wrap it halfway around again, and either cut or mark your measurement at this point. You’re adding this much extra length to the actual circumference of your thigh because you’ll be bunching the lace. After you’ve cut the lace edging piece, cut the thinner lace or silk ribbon to the same length:


Now, cut a nice long piece of the thick elastic thread; long enough that you can double it up for added strength, and still have it longer than your edging piece. Thread the elastic through the needle (you’ll need a needle with a very large eye for this), and then proceed to thread the elastic through the top of the edging:


Leave a few inches of excess elastic sticking out of both sides of the lace piece after you’ve threaded it through, and then don’t worry about the loose ends for now. We’ll come back to them later:


Now it’s time to add the section of lace or silk ribbon that was cut earlier. Be sure to use a color of thread that’s the same color as the ribbon so that it won’t be visible. Start to sew on the ribbon with the top edge just slightly above the top of the edging piece to hide it:


After you’ve finished sewing the ribbon to the lace, bunch up the lace over the elastic to the desired tightness so that your garter will stay firmly in place while wearing it, but not so tight that it will cause discomfort or cut off circulation. We don’t want your “something blue” on your wedding day to be your leg! Then tie the lengths of elastic on both ends firmly together to create a hoop shape with your piece:


Once you’ve trimmed off the remaining elastic, overlap the 2 edges of your larger lace piece slightly and sew them together with matching thread. Then do the same for your lace or silk ribbon, completely joining both edges so that the garter is in the desired shape:


Now it’s time to add the accent pieces. I happen to have a container full of these miniature crafting flowers in all different colors that I picked up at a thrift store, but I’d imagine you can find them at any craft store. I snipped them off the stems so that they’d lay flat against the lace, and then sewed them on:


I also happened upon this little guy hiding in a bag of ribbon and thought he’d make a welcome addition:


Now your grand garter is complete! For less than what you’d spend at a bridal boutique or lingerie store, you’ve created a masterpiece that best suits your style, and that you can take pride in because you made it yourself!


Don’t worry if it’s not the best sewing job in the world, I’m no tailor myself. Mine was a bit sloppy, but the back of the garter won’t be visible while you’re wearing it, and trust me, the lucky guy that catches it won’t be inspecting the tailoring job!